Monday, November 14, 2016

47 Days of Change

Two years ago I came back from the Refresh Summit with my spirit on fire and changes came quickly. I lost 30#'s that Holiday season and a total of 50#'s within six months.

Last year our family began a very difficult journey down the traumatic road of mental/emotional illness. As a result our children became the highest priority and anything else, like self-care, took a complete backseat for months. 

There are 47 days left in this year and I want to make the most of them. I know, from both personal experience and from studies, that big changes done suddenly do not create lasting, lifelong, lifestyle changes. It is small, incremental changes that help replace negative habits with healthier ones.

My long term goal is to become a Health/Wellness Coach and to make that goal happen I need to make changes now to jump start that success.

Overall, my game plan for this holiday season will be to work on creating healthy replacements for sweet treats, keep those to weekly treats and not daily expectations. 

I commit to moving my body 3x a week for a run and walk the dog several times a week. I commit to incorporating body weight exercises twice a week to establish the habit. 

What will commit to these last 47 days of the year? 
What is your personal aspiration 


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