Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting My Confidence Back Part 2

{Part 1}

In the spring I had a friendship collapse that I hadn't been expecting. My world was already shaken by our walk down the mental/emotional health crisis one of our children was experiencing. I had placed this friendship as a cornerstone in my life and hadn't realized that I had pushed God out of His place. 

Because my friendship was built on something passing, human frailty, I was quite shaken by this loss. In the end, my heart was so broken because of the perception this person had given me that she understood, cared and supported our parental decisions. Caring for someone with mental illness is unlike physical illnesses that one can see. 

I have had to make peace with this. 

Here are a few articles that expand on how to make peace in your heart with how others perceive you.

How do you handle those that have false perceptions of you?

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