Monday, November 7, 2016

Refresh Summit South 2016

The theme for this years Refresh Summit South was "Home". I was so excited to see our theme was one I could totally dig. My sleepy lil family blog is {Homespun Heritage}. I am about all things home!
After several sessions listening to our awesome speaker, Amia Freeman, rock out my soul, I tucked into my warm bed on Saturday evening with a word pricking my heart.

I dug into this word a bit more and two more words popped out at me. 
Dwell & Live.
Our verses were from {Psalm 91} and I continue to find the theme of home laced so gracefully throughout the entire chapter of Psalm 91. 
  • Refuge
  • Shelter
  • Fortress
  • Rest
  • Covered
  • Protected
  • Dwell 
The atmosphere of our home needs to be one of refuge and protection. Our children need to feel it in the air when they wake up in the morning and when they lay down at night.
Do we give rest to our spouses when they trudge in from a difficult day at work? 
Do we cover our families in prayer throughout the day and night? 
Do we offer shelter to those who are without the comforts of family?

The biggest takeaway, for me, at Refresh focused on changing the atmosphere of my home. From the way we speak to one another (full of grace or full of venom?), to understanding the level of stress and chaos clutter brings us. 

What does home mean to you? 

 Northern Lights on the way to Refresh!!  

Tucking into the Word late at night!

I miss me some mountains!

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