Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pre-Planning for Healthy Active Travel

There tends to be two camps of thought in the area of vacationing. The first being, "Hey, its vacation and I should treat myself". The second stance being, "I've worked hard to make these lifestyle changes and I don't want to screw up now." Both of these philosophies are honorable but as I started pre-planning for my own vacation season I knew there had to be something in between. Going into this summer siesta season here are a few tips to keep you on track without becoming an overindulging under-active sloth or an under-eating overactive energizer rabbit.

Nutritious Nosh: 

Start with a protein packed high fiber breakfast. Fiber is known the world over as a super satiater, keeping you full longer allowing you to make better choices.

Smart snacking starts with smart planning. Pair a strong protein with a good carb such as, Greek yogurt with almonds, veggies with nut butter, hummus with veggies, or cottage cheese and fruit.  If you can swing a fridge in your hotel room fill it with supplies and pack a cooler to bring them with you.  

Plan to cheat but only once! If you are drooling for a donut then buy one or if you can't stop eying the ice cream joint then stop in for a cone. How often "once" happens is up to you but deciding between eating that ice cream now or having smores around the campfire tonight will build self-control as you delay instant gratification.  Daily sweet or weekly treat?

Lively locomotion:

Bring the gear to move your rear.
We plan to fail when we fail to plan. If you expect to get in your weekend long run, yoga session, or a spin on the bike then add the necessary items to your packing list and make it a priority to see them actually make it into the car.
Sunset runs along the local waterways, cruising a cycle on enticing trails, or walking tours to learn the history and lore are only a few suggestions to make your sightseeing adventures active adventures.     

Restful relaxation:

Vacations are meant to bring about a certain amount of relaxation and refreshing. While our bodies need rest days to recover after a hard workout to remain healthy, our souls need some down time, too. Purpose to create quiet moments for reflection, time in nature to reconnect with creation, and peaceful presence in the Word or journaling your thoughts.

Take a nap....'nuff said!

What are your top 5 tips for healthy active travel? 

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