Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dropping This One Thing From My Diet Had A Surprising Side Affect

Jessica, my best friend since nearly elementary school and sister in Christ, has been gluten free since way before it was ever "popular". She has sung of the benefits of going gluten free for years....and I half-heartedly gave it a go a time or ten...However, I recently went completely gluten free when I regressed into a really bad PMR flare-up.

PMR, is called Polymyalgia Rheumatica and it is an autoimmune form of arthritis that mostly attacks the hips, shoulders, and neck. The only course of action is steroids. Normally, its a low dose for a long time. However, with all the recent stress of a child having surgery and another child coming home from the mental health facility, my body was not accepting the low dose. We had to up it to a very large dose for several weeks. PMR always attacks my hips and the pain is unbearable and no amount of pain meds will touch it. The treatment is only steroids because I avoid the strong pain meds.

I decided to cut out gluten, at that time that we had to up the steroids a level than I've ever had to have, to take away one more inflammatory trigger. It still took me weeks to be pain free. It had one surprising result that I truly did not expect. 

A very happy gut.

Like....little to no gas or bloating type of happy gut!

I had no idea how messed up my gut was until I went gluten free....Now, I'm not saying I have Celiac or have a wheat allergy...I'm still contemplating if its even worth it to be tested but my gut has never EVER been happier! 

So...low carb and gluten free...not vegetarian at the moment...for variety I had to add poultry back in. I'm liking this right now!

I know I made you proud, Jessica! But seriously folks...look at your diet...is something you are eating making you miserable?   

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