Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Truth About Running: For Me

I've only been halfheartedly committed to the sport of running for this last year. My daughter has completed two 5K races by my side in this last year. As we geared up signed up the day OF our third, my 9 yr old son decided he wanted to join us. He'd never completed more than 2 miles but he was migraine free for once and really wanted to go with us. 

 As we alternated between walking and running and I coached and encouraged Dalton along, I realized how easy the exertion felt. I felt like the last year of little to no running was truly a waste of time and of using my gift, talent, abilities for the Lord. 

The truth is, running is actually starting to feel easy, even after so long off. I never thought it would feel "easy"! It is something I enjoy and even like a LOT. Why am I wasting that? It is time to start using this for something else... 

I'm smelling the scent of another Half Marathon in the future. I'm not sure when or how but the tingle of excitement is there and I'm ready to run....really run and Run for God, this time! 

**more to come regarding Run for God 

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