Saturday, July 25, 2015


One year ago I ran my first 5K with my son by my side. It was just the beginning of the journey toward inner healing for both of us. This last year has continued to bring more healing and has shown me the potential locked inside both of us. 

Sunshine has always wanted to be involved in a sport of some kind, however, competitive sports are disastrous for children with RAD (Reactive Attachment) and Anxiety. But he found a great fit in running. 

Sunshine's Running Lessons:
  • His only competition is with himself
  • Its good for his health
  • It makes his body stronger
  • It builds his endurance 
  • He runs for fun!
 While the numbers are not important I tend to be a tech geek and like to crunch the skip this part if you feel the urge to (or feel the urge to laugh at my slowness). 
Cookie 5K 2014
Distance: 2.91 miles (short course!)
Time: 43:50
Ave Pace: 15:04

Sweaty and Proud 2014

50lbs of this fluff is gone!

Cookie 5K 2015
Distance: 3.1 miles (perfect!)
Time: 40:17
Ave Pace: 13:39


(I actually ran a total of 4.5 miles in 1:01; next weeks long run is 5 miles)

Mom's Running Lessons:
  • My only competition is with myself
  • I run for my health
  • I run for fun!
  • I run because I love it
  • Its a lot easier 50lbs lighter!

See you at the next race

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  1. Fantastic! ! You have both done so well!!! Both look great, happy, healthy and blessed!