Saturday, September 5, 2015

Runner's Flu

Runners Flu

That feeling of overwhelming exhaustion, nausea, and headaches that happen during/after a long run or other event of strenuous physical exertion. 

(No, its not stomach flu...your thinking of the trots and that's a whole other sorta post)

After several weekends of unpleasantness after my long run I went back to the drawing board and began to take a good hard look at the many areas that could affect my ability to handle the demands of a long run.


Nutritionally, I have found that my body runs extremely well on a low carb and high protein diet.  I have found that certain carbohydrates and the timing of many carbs affects my gut in an unpleasant way. I am still figuring out what carbohydrates negatively affect my stomach but wheat is currently taking a vacation from my plate and my gut is grateful for now!  I will give my gut a few more weeks without wheat before adding in other carbs. I know that glycogen stores are rebuilt by carbohydrate intake and with mine being minimal I could possibly expect to be affected by lower glycogen levels.


I drink primarily water, having given up soda a few years ago because it upset my stomach. I do drink the occasional unsweetened iced tea. I made sure to pay more attention to the amount of water I drank before and after my long runs. I don't carry water on my current long runs but as I am ramping up the miles I should start to carry some with me.


 Two days of rest was beginning to look ideal for me after the long run, however, I am finding that my legs are so sore two days later that I need to add in a short shake out run....going from 3 runs a week to 4.

How does nutrition play a part in the success of your weekly long run?

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