Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweat Pink Bulu Box Review

I was so excited to share my #Bulubox review that I can't even picture all the items it came with...because the chicken jerky is already gone! 

My Bulu Box contained 

Which was so yummy it was gone in a flash!
Double thumbs up for this product!

Also in the box

  • Movit Energy Gummies
  • Simple Being Nutrition Green Coffee Bean Supplement
  • Runa Focused Energy Tea
  • Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream 
 Movit: After fiddling around with multiple types of running nutrition in the past few months I have realized I can't stomach anything gooey or too liquidy. I've been sticking with Gu's Chews and Chomps so I was excited to try something new.  These were great! I had a boost to finish out my long run but never had a "crash" moment when it wore off....protein loading afterward helps with that, too!
Simple Being Simple Diet Supplement is loaded with caffeine and I am very sensitive to high levels of caffeine so I was extremely nervous to try fact, I never did try it! While the other ingredients might be healthy supplements I won't put tons of caffeine in my body when I know the results will be awful! I'm sure for those who need a "healthy" energy boost this would be a good fit but I'll skip for now. Two thumbs down!
Runa Focused Energy Tea:
Very yummy but smelled awful...don't let the smell fool you! It was very tasty and seemed to give me a boost of energy without all the caffeine garbage. 
Earth's Care Anti-Itch cream smells just slightly like Vix Vapor Rub and seemed to work quite well on a variety of late summer bug bites that my kiddos popped up with. So, a double thumbs up for this product! Smells great and works, too! 

I really enjoyed receiving new products to try out and I am excited to give you a chance, too!!

If you go to BuluBox  and enter this following discount code you will receive 50% iff a 3-month subscription! 


I was sent the Bulubox as part of my partnership with SweatPink, all opinions are my own!


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