Thursday, October 29, 2015

Going To The Summit and I'm Gonna Get Refreshed

I had this {little ditty} going through my brain as I typed out that title!

I am heading to the Refresh Summit: South in just a few days...and I am busy getting supplies for my husband to care for our seven children while I'm gone and I still need to get my own supplies for the weekend! 

Because of my 50+ lb weight loss this girl needs some new workout clothes!
Nice problem to have, huh? 

With a {Pure Barre} type workout, bootcamp style workout, and Yoga and Zumba, too, I might need a few changes of clothing! Plus, I want to get a run in....Phew, 5 workouts in one incredible weekend??? Oh yeah! 

It was fun to buy myself new workout clothes and to have my old size just fall right realize that in most clothes I am actually 2 sizes smaller now...

Mostly, I am looking forward to the refreshing that my dry, parched soul needs.



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