Sunday, November 8, 2015

Race Report: Run Michigan Cheap Saranac

When I ran my first 10k in August it felt great to accomplish what had been an impossible task for me, up to that point. I decided to find a Half Marathon plan and shoot for a Half in November...which means the end of long distance running here in Michigan so my choices were limited. I ran across a race series called Run Michigan Cheap and thought it looked like a great affordable close to home option. 


Affordable: the Half was $25 early on and still only $30 or $35 for late signups. 
Location: close to home for the win!
Pictures: Lots of pics loaded quickly onto their Facebook page.
Medal: A race medal for the 5K, 10k and the Half.
Time limit: No time limit!
Water stations: Plenty of water stations


Only one porta-potty
Cheap cotton tee 
No food offered at the end and if you weren't prepared for that after running a Half Marathon that could be dangerous. While I fueled well I saw NO ONE else with fuel so I know they were drained at the end. Bagels and banana's shouldn't add too much to the cost of the race, charge me an extra dollar or two. 

Overall, I really think the race series has a place and I hope they continue to offer races well into the future. I think that they dropped the ball by not offering quality food at the end. I came prepared with a protein bar but what if I hadn't....I was completely drained at the end and needed to eat something right away. Also, sort-of a picky thing but the cotton tees have been dropped for tech tees for a very good do not want to be racing in a cotton all the way baby.

For those who care about times....I averaged 12-something a mile and finished in 2:41. Not a bad place to start...I can improve upon that!

Where was your first Half Marathon?

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