Thursday, November 26, 2015

Healthy Holidays: Pt 1

Does wishing yourself a Happy Holiday consist of noshing on nuts, ingesting eggnog, and consuming candy? When the Holidays roll around we usually give ourselves a vacation from healthy choices and chalk it up to tradition. Study after Study has shown the negative results of this mindset.

What about doing it differently? Why wait for the New Year to make small changes or even big changes? Those that choose lasting change don’t wait for the following Monday or the next month, they change now because they can!

Even Steven:

Often the best plan going into the Holiday season is not to drop a bunch of pounds but to be even steven by not losing or gaining weight. This is a solid approach that works best if you have healthy habits already established, such as a regular fitness and meal prep routine. Also, having a plan in place prior to celebrating will take the guess work out so you can concentrate on enjoying the best of what this season is all about.

  • Never skip a meal, such as breakfast, and consider eating before you go to the party.
  • Plan on having dessert as deprivation can lead to overeating, however, be strategic in your dessert choices by only eating your absolute fave sugary treats and limiting simple carbs throughout the day.  
  • When you’re done eating chew a piece of gum or pop a mint to signal to yourself that you are now done eating for the night.
 What healthy holiday choices have helped you the most?

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