Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Fresh Start

My husband and I have been together for 10 years now, married for nearly 9, and like many married couples we have a great relationship where words are not always needed, in fact, we are so in tune he rarely even needs to say my name.

 Imagine, though, going days, weeks and months without being called by your given name. Your title is used or your designation (Mrs. O'Dell, Mom, Devin's wife, etc) but not your name. After awhile you begin to realize you are getting lost in those titles and forgetting who you are. What makes you unique. Your essence. 

Our family blog is a great place for me to remember our journey as a family of only three to nine and for me to continue to document our lives, however, the uniqness of me, Jolene, was getting lost. I was feeling lost. 

So, today, on my 36th birthday I am separating my family blog, with its emphasis on adoption, medically complex children, Reactive Attachment, and large family living, and my journey toward a lifetime of maximum health and fitness. 

I wanted one space that was about just me...while that might sound selfish, please remember I gladly give my all to eight other beings all the day long.

Welcome to the next year of my life!