Wednesday, August 3, 2016

90 Day Keto Challenge

Eating low carb and cycling it with high carb helped me to lose 50lbs last year. However, no matter how I tried I could not break my plateau. Add in the incredible amount of stress we've been in the midst of these last 9 months and its no wonder I haven't been able to lose more weight. 

I am recommitting to my weight loss with the understanding that my circumstances are not going to be changing anytime soon. It seems like I was just holding my breath and waiting for things to settle down with our Sunshine, however, that isn't happening. So, I press on now.

I am nixing the bad habits (even "healthy" carbs were detrimental to my waistline) and focusing on what works for my body. 

Its not too late to join the 90 Day Keto Challenge!

How about joining me? 

My goals for my macros are 
70% healthy fats
5% carbs
20% protein

So far I've managed to hit my goals!