Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Came, I Conquered, I Didn't Quit!

The short story is that I finished the Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Run in 68 minutes...

The long story: 

I was told we weren't leaving until 6 or 6:15 a.m. so imagine my surprise when everyone was loaded in the van waiting on me at like 5:30 a.m or so...

The morning was cool and bright with no noticeable breeze as we stepped off the school bus at a park north of the Mackinaw Bridge. A young friend decided to hang with me during this run and it was a blessing to me in the long run. 

Because the morning air was so cold I struggled with my breathing for a good two miles before finally figuring out a good rhythm. Figuring out how to run without triggering my Reactive Airway Disorder is difficult. I have a sports mask I can wear but I felt like I was suffocating...turns out it was upside down... >hee hee< 

I used the walk/run method the entire race and spent so much time figuring out my breathing that I never got to *enjoy* the view. I felt awful for the young lady running with me....I sounded like I was dying and she would not go on without me...She is capable of a much better time! 

The five middle/highschoolers and two bible study friends that ran the race with us were done within 45-50 minutes. I was so conflicted because I was beyond proud of myself, yet kept comparing myself to the others and their times.

 Negative self-talk can destroy a persons self-confidence  eventually, so exercise caution when you notice it happening and learn to turn it around by encouraging yourself and naming off traits about yourself that you are proud of!

I want to do this run one more time with the hope of enjoying myself and improving my time. My focus for the rest of this summer and fall will be to continue to build my base, improve my breathing when triggers are present (future post on this), and run without the walk intervals.

 My fabulously imaginative mother thought of the perfect birthday gift for me and it goes with the wonderful birthday gift my husband gave me!

Hubster's gift to me

Love this! Its so cute!

Do you battle a breathing issue or a nagging injury?

What's the best running or sports related gift you've ever received?