Saturday, May 16, 2015

Taking a Deep Breath

I am officially freaking Saturday I am running (err...shuffling quickly?) over a very large bridge at an ungodly early hour! **Breathe**
And...the bridge has open grates so you can see straight down....and that does not make me feel any better. 

Great weather expected and praying I can make it without freaking out!

Must remember to breathe.....



Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Holiday Eating

Memorial Day, the traditional beginning of the summer season, is right around the corner and with it comes the traditional BBQ and cookout fare. How does one eat healthy at get-togethers, picnics, and fiestas without losing one's flare?

It starts at the top, no, not the Head Chef, but your brain, or maybe it starts in your heart. It starts, truly, with an attitude shift, from an "I want this, I need this, I deserve this" mentality. In my previous post I talked briefly about deciding how often to treat yourself. Success happens when you have a plan and a flexible backup plan.

What you're up against:

Hamburgers, hotdogs, brats, potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans loaded with bacon, desserts galore and sugary drinks and that's just the beginning.

The plan: 

1) Come prepared with a healthy dish to share. A hearty hummus with fresh veggies or a salad packed with dark, leafy greens gets you started on tip #2 right away. You, also, set a good example to others who just might request your recipe.
 2) There are two ways to fill your plate; fill it once with everything that you want and don't go back for a refill, which requires quite a bit of self-control or fill it first with all the healthy stuff you can find, including your dish to share, giving you less room for the higher calorie and fat laden things.

3) Consider vegetable proteins over processed meats or high in saturated fat foodstuffs. This is not the time to try processed vegetarian meat alternatives, but dishes loaded with beans, lentils, broccoli and spinach. Diversify your flavor palette by being a little adventurous. 

4) Don't drink your calories. My year round fave drink is unsweetened iced tea. There is something magical about a tumbler full of clinking ice and strong brewed tea, with a bit of lemon, on a super hot day. Having one go-to drink, that won't derail your whole day in one fell swoop, is preferable to the sugary, high calorie options that somehow find their way to our mouths.

5) Have dessert! Case the joint to decide what your mouth is watering the most for, then, indulge. Keeping portion control in mind, of course! 

The flexible back-up plan?

1) Eat before you go or show up toward the end of the meal and simply enjoy the company.

2) Pack a few healthy snacks to munch on if you are just not feeling harmonious with the hamburgers.

3) Forgive yourself! Its fine to screw up once in awhile so long as you get right back on plan. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pre-Planning for Healthy Active Travel

There tends to be two camps of thought in the area of vacationing. The first being, "Hey, its vacation and I should treat myself". The second stance being, "I've worked hard to make these lifestyle changes and I don't want to screw up now." Both of these philosophies are honorable but as I started pre-planning for my own vacation season I knew there had to be something in between. Going into this summer siesta season here are a few tips to keep you on track without becoming an overindulging under-active sloth or an under-eating overactive energizer rabbit.

Nutritious Nosh: 

Start with a protein packed high fiber breakfast. Fiber is known the world over as a super satiater, keeping you full longer allowing you to make better choices.

Smart snacking starts with smart planning. Pair a strong protein with a good carb such as, Greek yogurt with almonds, veggies with nut butter, hummus with veggies, or cottage cheese and fruit.  If you can swing a fridge in your hotel room fill it with supplies and pack a cooler to bring them with you.  

Plan to cheat but only once! If you are drooling for a donut then buy one or if you can't stop eying the ice cream joint then stop in for a cone. How often "once" happens is up to you but deciding between eating that ice cream now or having smores around the campfire tonight will build self-control as you delay instant gratification.  Daily sweet or weekly treat?

Lively locomotion:

Bring the gear to move your rear.
We plan to fail when we fail to plan. If you expect to get in your weekend long run, yoga session, or a spin on the bike then add the necessary items to your packing list and make it a priority to see them actually make it into the car.
Sunset runs along the local waterways, cruising a cycle on enticing trails, or walking tours to learn the history and lore are only a few suggestions to make your sightseeing adventures active adventures.     

Restful relaxation:

Vacations are meant to bring about a certain amount of relaxation and refreshing. While our bodies need rest days to recover after a hard workout to remain healthy, our souls need some down time, too. Purpose to create quiet moments for reflection, time in nature to reconnect with creation, and peaceful presence in the Word or journaling your thoughts.

Take a nap....'nuff said!

What are your top 5 tips for healthy active travel? 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Red Eagle Run

Sunshine and I were blessed to participate in the inaugural Red Eagle Run for Barry County Christian School.

Fabulous weather, sweet friends kind enough to slow down for slow 'ole me, and yummy pancakes afterward. The best part? Despite having difficulty breathing, which I'll explain in a minute, I accomplished my two fastest miles to date with the middle mile faster than the first...

In January I was hit hard with a very difficult viral infection. I could run but breathing was very difficult. It felt and sounded like asthma but the wheezing was coming from my throat (vocal cord area) as opposed to the bronchial area and it never responded to asthma throat was tight and would only get tighter when trying to move around. 

When I ran on my birthday I ran in the cool morning air, which, along with a small virus, triggered a return of the same symptoms. The symptoms continued during Saturday's 5K.

I am now trying figure out all the triggers and how to handle them and give myself a few days rest...

Finished in 41:30-ish....

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.