Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting My Confidence Back Part 2

{Part 1}

In the spring I had a friendship collapse that I hadn't been expecting. My world was already shaken by our walk down the mental/emotional health crisis one of our children was experiencing. I had placed this friendship as a cornerstone in my life and hadn't realized that I had pushed God out of His place. 

Because my friendship was built on something passing, human frailty, I was quite shaken by this loss. In the end, my heart was so broken because of the perception this person had given me that she understood, cared and supported our parental decisions. Caring for someone with mental illness is unlike physical illnesses that one can see. 

I have had to make peace with this. 

Here are a few articles that expand on how to make peace in your heart with how others perceive you.

How do you handle those that have false perceptions of you?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Steppin' Out in Faith!

When our family was in the process of growing by two we were blessed to partner with a great organization to offset our costs and provide a livelihood for Mama's in the Philippians. 

Threads of Hope provides a dignified way for the least of these to provide for their families. Often entire families join together to create these beautiful bracelets!  

We enjoyed seeing our church family deck out their arms with multiple bracelets and show support to our family as we added two China blessings.

In that spirit I have pulled out these beautiful creations to raise the funds needed to join Revelation Wellness in Arizona this Spring for Instructor Training. This door hasn't been thrown open but its open enough for me to step out in Faith and ask you to share this post and consider supporting this decision by decking out your arm with some beauty! 

 I will be selling these for $2 each or 3 for $5. You can contact me via {email} or {Facebook}. We can arrange payment via paypal or snailmail. 

Also, please don't forget to check out my Etsy store for homemade soap! All proceeds go directly toward my Instructor Training for Revelation Wellness. 

These make great stocking stuffers! 
Our teens are already asking if they can buy new bracelets! 


47 Days of Change

Two years ago I came back from the Refresh Summit with my spirit on fire and changes came quickly. I lost 30#'s that Holiday season and a total of 50#'s within six months.

Last year our family began a very difficult journey down the traumatic road of mental/emotional illness. As a result our children became the highest priority and anything else, like self-care, took a complete backseat for months. 

There are 47 days left in this year and I want to make the most of them. I know, from both personal experience and from studies, that big changes done suddenly do not create lasting, lifelong, lifestyle changes. It is small, incremental changes that help replace negative habits with healthier ones.

My long term goal is to become a Health/Wellness Coach and to make that goal happen I need to make changes now to jump start that success.

Overall, my game plan for this holiday season will be to work on creating healthy replacements for sweet treats, keep those to weekly treats and not daily expectations. 

I commit to moving my body 3x a week for a run and walk the dog several times a week. I commit to incorporating body weight exercises twice a week to establish the habit. 

What will commit to these last 47 days of the year? 
What is your personal aspiration 


Friday, November 11, 2016

Confidence In Your Goals

Recently, I noticed my attitude toward one of my goals was faltering. I was finding ways to shortchange myself and God. To minimize the purpose and the plan. 

Here are two great resources to get your confidence back to crush your goals!


Monday, November 7, 2016

Refresh Summit South 2016

The theme for this years Refresh Summit South was "Home". I was so excited to see our theme was one I could totally dig. My sleepy lil family blog is {Homespun Heritage}. I am about all things home!
After several sessions listening to our awesome speaker, Amia Freeman, rock out my soul, I tucked into my warm bed on Saturday evening with a word pricking my heart.

I dug into this word a bit more and two more words popped out at me. 
Dwell & Live.
Our verses were from {Psalm 91} and I continue to find the theme of home laced so gracefully throughout the entire chapter of Psalm 91. 
  • Refuge
  • Shelter
  • Fortress
  • Rest
  • Covered
  • Protected
  • Dwell 
The atmosphere of our home needs to be one of refuge and protection. Our children need to feel it in the air when they wake up in the morning and when they lay down at night.
Do we give rest to our spouses when they trudge in from a difficult day at work? 
Do we cover our families in prayer throughout the day and night? 
Do we offer shelter to those who are without the comforts of family?

The biggest takeaway, for me, at Refresh focused on changing the atmosphere of my home. From the way we speak to one another (full of grace or full of venom?), to understanding the level of stress and chaos clutter brings us. 

What does home mean to you? 

 Northern Lights on the way to Refresh!!  

Tucking into the Word late at night!

I miss me some mountains!